How and from what place do you want to shape your life?

What is life inviting you to? Do you accept this invitation? 

My stud­ies in psy­chol­o­gy & coach­ing, the deep explo­ration of my own con­scious­ness trough var­i­ous teach­ers and life cir­cum­stances, my intu­ition and open heart are the basis of my work as a life coach.

Coaching means clarification and potential development.

To lead a fulfilling, healthy, successful, and ecstatic life is our birthright.

Every poten­tial resides already with­in us. Though expe­ri­ences espe­cial­ly in our child­hood or as young adults, we devel­op belief sys­tems, pro­tec­tion mech­a­nisms, and pat­terns.  These can slow us down, hin­der us or even make us depres­sive and par­a­lyzed. My work helps, to re-cal­i­brate your inner com­pass, lis­ten to your deep inner wis­dom, unlock buried emo­tions and block­ages. Body, Soul and Spir­it– only if we take all aspects of our human nature onto the jour­ney, pro­found inner hap­pi­ness, joy, and love will man­i­fest sus­tain­ably. We become self-com­posed, resilient and gain strength for the impor­tant things in life.

We are not in this world to suffer but to live healthy loving fulfilling lives.

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