Essential Oils – DoTERRA

DoTER­RA Essen­tial Oils pro­vide us with safe, nat­ur­al alter­na­tives to chem­i­cal and phar­ma­ceu­ti­cal prod­ucts; they’ve been part of my work and pri­vate life for years.

I use the oils for:

  • cre­at­ing a sen­su­al space at home, in the class­room or work­space
  • cre­at­ing infused drink­ing water
  • prepar­ing meals (for exam­ple Raw Mint Choco­late)
  • to pimp up my body prod­ucts and wash­ing deter­gent
  • Use them as a healthy alter­na­tive to per­fume
  • help­ing clients with emo­tion­al top­ics

You may use this link to pur­chase your doTER­RA Oils or you can sign up as a Whole­sale Cus­tomer, receiv­ing whole­sale pric­ing and the option to build a busi­ness in the future if you wish.

(pho­to cred­it to Ele­na Brow­er.)

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