Emotion Exploration – Light and shadow

Which emo­tions do we like to show to the out­side world? Which emo­tions do we tru­ly feel?

It’s easy to iden­ti­fy with feel­ings of love, com­pas­sion, hap­pi­ness. Nev­er­the­less, we all expe­ri­ence the so-called neg­a­tive ones too. If we push these emo­tions, like anger, anx­i­ety, and rage away, they build up, con­trol us, may erupt uncon­trolled or even man­i­fest into dis­eases. In a save atmos­phere we will explore these “neg­a­tive” emo­tions, learn to allow, expe­ri­ence and trans­form them. We will dis­cov­er the ener­gy that lays beneath them.

Through mastering our emotions we are no longer determined by those, but we can authentically live and transform them.

That way aggres­sion can alter into courage, anger into com­pas­sion, jeal­ousy into love and so on – lead­ing to an unsus­pect­ed free­dom and life qual­i­ty. We are less reac­tive, impul­sive and radi­ate integri­ty.