Silent Yin Yoga

Imag­ine Yin and Yang as to sides of a moun­tain. Yang, the sun­ny, obvi­ous, ener­getic side. Yin, the shady side of the moun­tain: mys­tic, unknown, silent like a calm lake and yet full of life. Yin and Yang cause each oth­er, act like minus and plus pole.

A space for you. A space for your innermost heart. A space to heal.

Mind­ful­ness med­i­ta­tion, Pranaya­ma, heal­ing and calm yoga sequences. The Asanas are held longer (3–5min), to reach deep struc­tures, to nour­ish the fas­cial tis­sue and per­sis­tent­ly relax the mus­cles. Organs and joints are stim­u­lat­ed through gen­tle pres­sure and ten­sion. Stored up emo­tions can be released by the slow and steady sur­vey with­in. Space for heal­ing and new ener­gy is being cre­at­ed. All Yoga class­es are based on my pro­found stud­ies of the anatom­i­cal ther­a­peu­ti­cal con­cept Spi­ral­dyn­maik®, to assure a mind­ful and secure expe­ri­ence.