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Let’s be hon­est, not every asana feels good and right for us, even we teach­ers some­times have doubts about what we do — paired with our ego, a dif­fi­cult com­bi­na­tion. Every style of yoga has its qual­i­ties, its advan­tages, and its weak points. Yoga teach­ers, in par­tic­u­lar, suf­fer from wear and tear, due to con­stant train­ing. Many of my yoga teacher friends know back pain, shoul­der prob­lems, etc. just too well and accept them as part of their teach­ing career. Why?

If we understand the body in its structure and function, all asanas can be salutary.

Out of my great fas­ci­na­tion for the human body, in 2009 I start­ed to study Spi­ral­dy­namik®, which can be explained as an “instruc­tion man­u­al for the body”. It is in the broad­est sense sci­ence and heal­ing art at the same time. I love it, because it makes any style of yoga even more valu­able.

Let’s bring light into the asanas from a func­tion­al point of view, uncov­er blind spots and take away uncer­tain­ties. Just a few hours are enough to cre­ate a new under­stand­ing and apply the knowl­edge.

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