I love and live Yoga. Yoga is embod­ied con­nec­tion.
Yoga is a way to shine our light into the world.

I devel­oped dif­fer­ent styles of teach­ing yoga: Flu­id Grace Yoga and Silent Yin Yoga. Fur­ther­more, I teach Align­ment-based Yoga after the prin­ci­ples of Spi­ral­dy­namik® in The Asana School. In the One-On-One class, we design the con­tent of the class to meet your unique needs. Browse offers and avail­abil­i­ties to find out more.

These are the ingredients of my teachings :


Healthy Alignment

Healing Touch — Hands On
Spiritual Wisdom
Chakras — Meridians


Offers and availability

Flu­id Grace Yoga 
Silent Yin Yoga
Align­ment-based Yoga—Spiraldynamik
Yoga One-on-One
Yoga Teacher Train­ing
Walk and Run Coach­ing
The Asana School


Eva Hager Forstenlechner, Yogateacher

“Klaras class­es are car­ing, pro­fes­sion­al, pre­cise and shaped by her deep own expe­ri­ence!”

Marie Ringler, Ashoka Europe

“Klara is maybe the best and ver­sa­tile teacher that I have met in my 15 years of yoga.”