In essence, everything is frequency.

Clairvoyance is the ability to perceive these frequencies and to decode them for the mind.

It is the art of ascending the senses and purifying the body and mind to translate messages in the finest manner. As a child, I discovered my heightened sensitivity and gift of having particularly fine “antennas”. Over many years, I have trained to utilise this intuitive power to become a crystal clear channel and communicator.

These messages may come from different dimensions, timelines, souls that are alive or souls that have passed. In my reality, there is no death. There is only frequency, which has always been and always will be. 

I only channel messages of the divine. Messages of soul, truth, healing and peace.

1-1 Clairvoyance Session   

In the 1-1 Clairvoyance Sessions, we journey into a deep state of samadhi. 
I become a vessel of divine service for your healing and ascension. 

We get in contact with your soul and your soul’s family to decode essential messages for you and your beloveds.

We enter spheres that hold the potential for you to integrate ancestral trauma & heal karma from all your souls and your soul family’s incarnations.

At the same time, we are reencoding your life’s matrix and, therefore DNA. Realms of mercy, blessings and deep healing are opening. 

A clairvoyance session works like an elevator in any direction you need on your healing and ascension journey.

It’s a quantum leap in your remembrance of coming home and fulfilling your soul’s purpose. 

Clairvoyance sessions are beautifully combined with the Mentorship Journey.

I utilise my psychic abilities only for the highest frequencies in divine service. 
I always ask the involved souls for permission to enter the rooms that hold information.
I don’t predict the future. 

“Remember – All that divine mastery is, is a change in frequency”

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I offer a free 15-minute call for any new client if you wish to talk to me before making a booking.