In essence, everything is frequency.

Clairvoyance is the gift of attuning to and harmonising with frequencies, interpreting their messages and translating those to their intended recipients.

It is an embodiment of the delicate art of elevating the senses, purifying the body and spirit to serve as a refined instrument for interpreting messages. As a child, I discovered my gift of heightened sensitivity through “antennas” attuned to the frequencies of the unseen.

Through devoted practice and studies, I’ve embraced this intuitive prowess within me, ready to receive and transmit divine whispers to those who seek it.

These messages traverse through different dimensions and timelines and the souls of those alive and those who have passed. In my reality, there is no death, there is only frequency expressed through diverse wave patterns.Whilst I channel the divine, conveying messages of soul, truth, healing, and peace, I do not engage in the foresight of what lies ahead.

“Remember – All that divine mastery is, is a change in frequency”

1-1 Clairvoyance Session   

These sessions offer a sacred, intimate journey where I become a vessel of divine service for your healing and ascension. Together, we will connect with your soul and your soul’s family to decode essential messages for you and your beloveds.

We enter sacred spheres that hold the potential for you to free ancestral trauma and release karma from all your soul’s incarnations and your soul family’s incarnations. 

At the same time, we are reencoding your life’s matrix and, therefore DNA. Realms of mercy, blessings and deep healing are opening for you.

My clairvoyance session serves as a fluid vessel that moves in any direction necessary for your ascension journey. It serves as a quantum leap in remembering your true essence and fulfilling your soul’s purpose.

Clairvoyance sessions perfectly complement the Mentorship Journey service for holistic guidance.

During each session, I seek permission from the involved souls before entering internal chambers holding information and I ensure I am only conveying messages of service to the receiver.

A Clairvoyance session takes place in the higher dimensions. Three-dimensional laws like time, cause and effect have no significance here. Everything happens instantly meaning time and space are up to your preference but not relevant to the outcome. We may meet in person or online. 

Our time together might take between 60 minutes and 90 minutes. I energetically prepare the session, and you will be enveloped by guardian energy for many weeks afterwards. I am available for questions via text/voice message for 10 days post-session.

Price per Session
Europe 444 EURO  Concession Rate 222 EURO
Australia 444 AUD
Concession Rate 222 AUD

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