Welcome, beloved soul, 

I am Klara, born 01.03.1989 in northern Germany. 
I have always been a dreamer, mystic, and timeline voyager.
Since childhood, I remembered past lives, received visions and got called by the spirit world. 
Ever since, I have studied various mystic arts, metaphysics and psychology.

My ancestry is plentiful with healers, visionaries, and driven, influential creators.

Most importantly, I have integrated my clairvoyance and spirituality into my worldly life as a mumma, wife, real estate entrepreneur and member of this challenging yet beautiful society.  

I am walking the path of contemplation, truth and love in every aspect of my life.

My greatest service to this planet and beyond is sharing my gift of clairvoyance and being a clear and caring mentor to assist you in your ascension journey.

I pronounce myself a vessel to assist the healing and ascension of this planet. 

Love & Light Klara 

Lets raise our frequency for love and healing of the entire planet. 


I acknowledge my teachers, ancestors, and the brave souls who paved the roads.
I give thanks to my mentees for shining their light so purely.
We are but walking each other home. 
I am a forever student, and I know that I know nothing. I am just a vessel, a transmitter, a voyager.
I am sharing with you some extraordinary teachings I had the honour to study. 


  • Basic Studies Züricher Ressourcen Modell®, Dr. Maja Storch Zürich
  • Ashoka Visionary Programm, Vienna
  • Systemic Coaching Education, Coaching Spirale Berlin
  • Guest Studies Master Coaching; Supervision; Mediation, University Salzburg
  • Grundstudium Diplom Psychologie, CAU Kiel
  • Enneagram Training, Eli Jaxon-Bear
  • The Awakeningprocess, Dipl. Psych Hannes Michel
  • Non-Violent Communication, CAU Kiel


  • 5 years training in Salubrious Work, Mari Nil
  • Human Design Training, Dr. Andrea Reikl-Wolf
  • Visionary Craniosacral Work® C2, Hugh Milne
  • Sacred Cacao Ceremony Facilitator Training, Cacao Mama & Earth School Berlin
  • Womb Wisdom Training, West Australia
  • Breathwork, Asha Tuscany

Yoga & Spiraldynamik®

  • personal assistant for Eva Hager Forstenlechner
  • Diplom Spiraldynamik® Intermediate Practitioner
  • Yoga Teacher Training 500 hours, Zentrum für Spiraldynamik in Salzburg
  • Bryan Kest Power Yoga Teacher Training 40 hours
  • Immersion 1–3 Anusara Yoga, Barbrah Noh 100 hours
  • Noah Maze Yoga TT
  • Spiraldynamik® Footschool, Andrea Bubos
  • Pilates Bodymotion® TT, Allegro & Mat

Food & Health

  • 5 years CEO Health Bistro „Le Moine“, Hamburg
  • Gueststudies Nutrition, CAU Kiel
  • Raw Food Training, „The Glowing Gourmet“
  • Raw Food Chef Training, Dr. Amy Rachelle Bali
  • Detox Facilitator Training, Dr. Amy Rachelle, Bali
  • Raw Food Workshops, Nordisch Roh

Creating change

I deeply believe that we are interdependent beings who always create for humanity as a whole.

I am the chairwoman of my family’s charitable foundation in northern Germany.

I support the following organizations.

Sea Shepherd
The Ocean Cleanup Foundation
Surfrider Foundation
Lotta e.V – Mädchenhaus Kiel 
Children are our future e.V. – Dorfschulen in Indien
Arche Warder e.V.
Balasai Central Trust in Andhra Pradesh, Südindien