About Klara.
Welcome, beloved soul, 

I am Klara, a soul born on the 1st of March, 1989 between the two seas of northern Germany. 

A descendent of a lineage rich with healers, seers, and impassioned creators, I’ve traversed into the spiritual realms myself since entering this world. Since my childhood, those of past lives have whispered their stories, beckoning me to embrace the spirit world’s gentle call. 

During my childhood, I looked for mentors who could help me integrate my psychic gift. Under their guidance, I delved into yoga, shamanic techniques, the enneagram, human design, Buddhism and lots of esoteric literature. 

Once I left school, I travelled the world to study various mystic arts, yoga, psychology and health at some of the most authentic and attuned universities and schools.

I purchased a one-way ticket to India and Nepal at just 19 years old, exploring both countries by train and spent months in yoga ashrams and temples in the Himalayas. My journey then led me to New Zealand, living my best hippy life, off the grid with the World Rainbow Tribe. 

What followed was an extensive trip to the then-secret spiritual hub Ubud in Bali, where I juice fasted for several months and studied under great healers. This journey continued through many countries and teachings until I settled in Costa Rica for a profound three-year stay where I met my now husband on the beach in Montezuma.

I now live and work between Europe and Western Australia, where I’ve woven the threads of clairvoyance and spirituality into my worldly life as a mumma, wife, real estate and social entrepreneur and member of this challenging yet beautiful society.

An entrepreneur by heart. The drive for financial freedom and independence from institutions is something I breathed in as a child, coming from family lineages that were left with neither homes nor money after the Second World War.

Guided by an unwavering devotion to love in its purest form, I walk this line between worlds, seeking the truths that lie beneath the surface, offering my clairvoyance through sessions and mentorship, standing as a carrier of clarity and compassion to accompany you on your ascension journey.

A guide can take you only as far as they have travelled. I am walking the path of contemplation, purity and love in every aspect of my life.

I pronounce myself a vessel to assist the healing and ascension of this planet.

Love & light,


Lets raise our frequency for love and healing of the entire planet. 


I acknowledge my teachers, ancestors, and the brave souls who paved the roads before me. I give thanks to my mentees for shining their light so bright. I am a student of life, continuously growing and learning, sharing my learnings with those walking their journey to ascension.


  • Basic Studies Zurich Resource Model®, Dr. Maja Storch University Zürich
  • Ashoka Visionary Programm, Vienna
  • Systemic Coaching Education, Coaching Spirale Berlin
  • Master Guest Studies Coaching; Supervision; Mediation, University Salzburg
  • Basic Diploma Psychology, University Kiel
  • The Awakening Process & Enneagram Studies, Dipl. Psych Hannes Michel
  • Non-Violent Communication, University Kiel

Lightwork and Somatics

  • 5 years training in Salubrious Work, Mari Nil
  • Human Design Training, Dr. Andrea Reikl-Wolf
  • Visionary Craniosacral Work® C1-3, Hugh Milne
  • Sacred Cacao Ceremony Facilitator Training, Cacao Mama & Earth School Berlin
  • Womb Wisdom Training, West Australia
  • Intuitive- and Breathwork, Dr. Amy Rachelle, Bali

Yoga & Movement

  • 7 years personal assistance for Eva Hager Forstenlechner
  • Diplom Spiraldynamik® Intermediate Practitioner
  • Yoga Teacher Training 500 hours, Zentrum für Spiraldynamik in Salzburg
  • Bryan Kest Power Yoga Teacher Training 40 hours
  • Immersion 1–3 Anusara Yoga, Barbrah Noh 100 hours
  • Noah Maze Yoga TT
  • Spiraldynamik® Footschool, Andrea Bubos
  • Pilates Bodymotion® TT, Allegro & Mat

Nutrition & Health

  • 5 years Founder & CEO Health Bistro „Le Moine“, Hamburg
  • Guest-studies Nutrition, University Kiel
  • Raw Food Training, „The Glowing Gourmet“
  • Raw Food Chef Training, Dr. Amy Rachelle Bali
  • Detox Facilitator Training, Dr. Amy Rachelle, Bali
  • Raw Food Workshops, Nordisch Roh