Become an ascension voyager.

The path of ascension is the path of personal mastery and embodied leadership. Reclaiming the steering wheel of your evolution with ease and grace. It’s the path of softening into your strength. 
Dismantling what is no longer serving you and steadily refining your frequency in every aspect of your life. It’s an attunement to your possibilities and the background frequency that the universe offers you in this lifetime. It’s the path of finding peace with what is and remembering (w)holiness as your birthright. Growing out of the powers struggle into a magnetic superattractor and director of energies.

I have 10 years of experience working with clients alongside my extensive studies yet it is my own journey of self-exploration that forms the foundations of my mentorship.

My approach is resource-oriented, initiating a spiral-like evolution in which we move from the inside out through layers of self to meet your divine blueprint in which all potentials reside.

In my mentorship, you will

  • Learn to address issues at the level of frequency and vibration
  • Create transformational breakthroughs and grow your ascension practice
  • Master core issues in your energy field
  • Release ancestral trauma and karma patterns
  • Find support by connecting to your spirit guides and masters
  • Learn to connect and shift your energy bodies & chakras 
  • Become a magnetic superattractor and director of energies 
  • Find the highest aligned order within your cycles 
  • Prepell your power with Holy Rythms, divine timing, ceremony and ritual 
  • Liberate your authentic emotions 
  • Shift your mind towards solution-based, resource-oriented thinking
  • Gain independence by learning how to become your own coach and allie 
  • Learn to connect and communicate your needs 
  • Speak from a place of integrity, embodied power and clarity
  • Navigate towards purpose in your career and social life
  • Find equilibrium and peace
  • Evolve and embody your highest potentials
  • Attract healthy, loving and transformative relationships and alliances 
  • Find assistance in Metaphysical maps like Human Design, Gene Keys and the Ennegramm
  • Become the healthiest version of yourself through luminous health detox and nutrition

Your soul knows the lessons it came here to comprehend.

1-1 Mentorship

Serving as your true friend and mirror, I provide a space of nonduality and non-judgement. There is always room for ease, joy and laughter. 

Together, we will create a sacred sanctuary, a space where your light-filled soul will journey deep within yourself, remembering your innermost essence and aligning with your fullest potential and how to express your life journey in harmony and freedom.

We will sit and listen, we will breathe and open our hearts, we will purify and dismantle the depths of your being, and we will feel and heal together.

We will work through all layers of your human experience. Your physical body, emotional body, mental body, soul body. Meeting all your roles and identifications.

Together, we’ll steer you toward a purpose-driven career path and meaningful personal choices.

Equipped with transformative tools, you will become your own greatest mentor, coach, friend and ultimately, the master of your own ascension practice. 

The voyage is ever so tender and strong at the same time. Once you decide to raise your frequency, love and blessings will flow your way.

My work is always resource-oriented, meaning even when we dismantle shadows and so-called “negative emotions”, this pathway ensures you always leave a session feeling clearer, empowered, connected and grounded.

The Mentorship Journey is a transformational voyage that requires a deep commitment from yourself. Depending on your desired outcome, you may enrol anywhere between 3 and 12 sessions. For those experiencing pressing concerns or seeking an immediate change, I offer 2.5-3 hour intervention sessions.

The Mentorship Journey may be conducted in person or online. Before the session, I will energetically prepare the space for you and you will be surrounded by guardian energy for many weeks after. I am available for questions via text/voice message for the duration of your enrolment. 

Price per Session 60 Min
Europe 222 EURO Concession Rate 144 EURO
Australia 333 AUD Concession Rate 222 AUD

Intervention Session

including Clairvoyance 2.5 – 3 hour
Europe 666 Euro
Australia 999 AUD 

Klara Michel_Coaching_Humandesign

Enter your multiverse

Every profession can raise the vibration of the planet. There is no longer a separation between business and enlightenment – There is only the sacred alignment of our lives in the planetary system. Everything is possible here. 

Apply for your Master Journey

If my approach resonates with you and you feel the call to work with me, I invite you to get in touch, providing a brief overview of your desired outcomes of the mentorship.

I offer a free 15-minute call for any new clients wishing to connect before making a booking.

Please email and provide your contact details.