Crystal Sound

Crystal Sound.
Enter your altered state.

Sound sets our cells into vibration. Gently awaken the soul, body, mind and spirit as the sacred vibration of the bowls calms your nervous system, flushes out deep-seated stagnation and restores balance and joy.

During a Sound Healing session, your brain will transition from a waking state (beta) to either a relaxed, positive state (alpha), a deeply relaxed state (theta) or a sleeping state (delta).

As your brain waves slow down and you exit the trance of your thoughts, your mind enters the state of non-duality and leads you into Samadhi. It is in this altered state we access clairvoyance, and experience deep oneness and bliss. 

Through extensive study at Alchemy Bowl Studio in Munich, Europe’s foremost Academy in this practice, I’ve refined my expertise in sound healing embedded in my profound understanding of frequency.

I work with Alchemy Bowls™ by Crystal Tones. These unique high-quality and incredibly resonant bowls are crafted meticulously in the USA from 99.99% crystal quartz, along with gemstones and precious elements.

I offer 1:1 and small group sound bath sessions in my Beach Temple located in Prevelly, Western Australia.

Price per Session 60 Min
280 AUD 

To book Please email and provide your contact details.

Acknowledgement of Country

I proudly work and play on Noongar land. I recognise and respect the continuing culture of the Wadandi people and pay my respects to Elders past, present and emerging.