Crystal Sound

Crystal Sound.
Enter your altered state.

Sound sets our cells into vibration. Thus, sacred musical instruments are able to calm our nervous system, flush out deep-seated stagnation, bring balance and joy, and touch our hearts deeply.

During a “Sound Healing” session, our brain can go from a waking state (beta) to either a relaxed, positive state (alpha), a deeply relaxed state (theta) or a sleeping state (delta). Brain waves slow down, and so do our minds and thoughts. We enter the state of non-duality, of pure “being” with what is – Samadhi.

This is the altered state in which we access clairvoyance.

The crystal singing bowls I work with are the unique original high-quality Alchemy BowlsTM by Crystal Tones®. Incredibly resonant & made in the USA from 99.99% crystal quartz, gemstones and precious elements.

Crystal Tone Bowls are a profound tool to cleanse and raise the vibration in your life and the planet. 

In collaboration with Alchemy Bowl Studio, I help you to find your bowl set.

1 – 1 Sound bath

I offer 1-1 and mini group sound baths in my Beach Temple in Prevelly, Western Australia.