Born on the 01.03.1989 in north­ern Ger­many between the seas. Father con­struc­tion entre­pre­neur, moth­er high­ly spir­i­tu­al. My child­hood was shaped by health food, spir­i­tu­al­i­ty as well as con­struc­tion sites. I med­i­tat­ed and got astrol­o­gy charts and read­ings for my birth­days instead of choco­late. At the same time, I got to know the 3 favorite top­ics of entre­pre­neurs: stress, the pres­sure of time and finances. Very quick­ly I knew what I want­ed to become: a Tibetan nun.

In the fol­low­ing 2 decades, I trav­eled to Nepal, India, Bali, Chi­na, Aus­tralia, New Zealand, Cos­ta Rica, Cal­i­for­nia, just to men­tion a few of my liv­ing sta­tions. I was lucky to learn, that I don’t have to trav­el to Tibet and live in a monastery, to gain that deep state of inner peace and hap­pi­ness, that I had longed for by becom­ing a nun. I real­ized that busi­ness man­age­ment can lead to spir­i­tu­al and per­son­al devel­op­ment.

My conclusion: Happiness, Peace, and Love are with us at any time. It only applies to devote to these aspects.

In my life, I have felt dis­con­nect­ed and lone­ly over and over again. Accord­ing to the life cir­cum­stances, I had feel­ings of anx­i­ety, over­tax­ing, agi­ta­tion, help­less­ness, stress, inse­cu­ri­ty and a lack of ground­ing.
It is through Yoga, the right nutri­tion and the real­iza­tion that we don’t have to do it by our­selves, that I over­came these states. 
Now I know, how to effec­tive­ly help myself and find inner peace. Yoga, Coach­ing and Health are my save tools to find my cen­ter and reground. They help me to live in truth, beau­ty and good­ness.

It is a blessing to gather, to empower and be empowered, to allow yourself that help and loving hand of the other.

I am hon­ored to accom­pa­ny you on your per­son­al jour­ney.



  • cur­rent­ly stu­dent of Ashoka Vision­ary Pro­gramm, Vien­na
  • Guest stud­ies Mas­ter of Coach­ing, Super­vi­sion & Medi­a­tion, Uni­ver­si­ty Salzburg
  • basic stud­ies Psy­chol­o­gy, CAU Kiel
  • Ennea­gram and Con­scious­ness Coach­ing by Dipl. Psych Hannes Michel
  • The awak­en­ing process by Dipl. Psych Hannes Michel
  • Nonvi­o­lent Com­mu­ni­ca­tion, accord­ing to M. Rosen­berg
  • since 2013 Edu­ca­tion in Salu­bri­ous Work by Mari Nil
  • deep self-stud­ies of  „a course in mir­a­cles“
  • Vision­ary Cran­iosacral Work® C1, Hugh Milne
  • Sacred Cacao Cer­e­mo­ny Facil­i­ta­tor Train­ing, Cacao Mama & Earth School Berlin
  • Womb Wis­dom Train­ing, West­ern Aus­tralia
Yoga & Spiraldynamik®
  • Assis­tance at Eva Hager Forsten­lech­n­er
  • Diplom Spi­ral­dy­namik® Inter­me­di­ate Fachkraft
  • Yoga-Teacher- Train­ing 500 Std. at Cen­ter for Spi­ral­dy­namik in Salzburg
  • Bryan Kest Pow­er Yoga Teacher Train­ing 40 h.
  • Immer­sion 1–3 Anusara Yoga bei Bar­brah Noh 100 h.
  • Noah Maze Yoga TT
  • Spi­ral­dy­namik® Footschool by Andrea Bubos
  • Immer­sion Ana For­rest
  • Anusara Work­shops Katchie Anan­da, Bar­brah Noh etc.
  • Teacher Train­ing Pilates Body­mo­tion® Alle­gro and Mat
Food & Detox
  • Guest-stud­ies Nutri­tion­al Sci­ence, CAU Kiel
  • Raw Food Train­ing with „The Glow­ing Gourmet“
  • Raw Food Chef Train­ing with Dr, Amy Rachelle, Bali
  • Con­cept, Lay­out, Design of Health Bistro “Le Moine” in North­ern Ger­many



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