What parts of your story are you not grateful for?

This might sound unbelievable – why should I be grateful for everything that has happened to me, even if it caused me pain and trauma?

To understand, you should detach yourself from the outcome of a specific experience. 

You don’t have to be grateful for the result of your experiences. It’s an integral part of being human to feel pain. 

Appreciating the pain or wound itself is another layer and can be a spiritual quest, but it differs from what we discuss here.

It’s instead an understanding that there is an underlying purpose to any experience here on earth. Life happens through and for us. 

Any experience we make in this lifetime serves the completion of our soul’s cycle and administers a higher plan.

So, for example, you brake your leg. You remove the focus from the outcome, which is the broken leg, the pain, and the agony, and instead examine the underlying purpose of that experience. What life lesson are you supposed to learn here? 

Gratitude instantaneously brings healing and completion to any aspect of your life.

Completion is Healing, is Freedom.

Hurt moments and trauma will receive a gentle blessing. They will still be a part of you and shape who you are, and you might feel their painful voice talking to you once in a while, but they won’t have that pulling force over your life anymore. The suffering and the repetition of specific experiences and life lessons will end. You clear any built-up karma.

When you understand that your life here and everything that has happened /happens to you is in divine order, you will experience profound inner peace.

Deep and heartfelt gratitude will shift your reality timeline instantly. 

In order to shift our reality timeline, we need to hug all that has been and find completion with what is.

Heartfelt gratitude is a process of deep healing and forgiveness.

It takes time and dedication. The more you focus on it, the easier it will get.   

Ask others who have walked the path for help, and be easy on yourself. Start with simple things like being grateful for being alive and go steady from there. 

Love Klara 


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